Liberty Global required a brand for their new Compliance & Data Protection Group; formed with the task of ensuring employees understood their responsibilities towards data protection policies and protocol. A safe and friendly environment, where a colleague listens to employee concerns from a neutral perspective.

The brief was to create an iconic brand that everyone would easily recognise - a trusted companion, with a clear, core message framework and design to use across all communications. It had to be engaging and friendly, with simple and compelling direct communications that would support the successful implementation of their global security policies.

The communications campaign would include an application to link employees direct to a secure compliance hotline and a direct response icon embedded into every employee’s desktop.

My proposal was Wiz a creative solution that’s both friendly and relevant. An abbreviation of wizard or ‘wysard’, from 15th century English, meaning a wise man, a sage, a knowledgeable person, a person worthy of the highest praise. In contemporary English a very clever or skilful person i.e. a computer wizard or ‘computer wiz’. It was also used as terminology for a setup assistant (software wizard), a user interface designed to help people get started on early computer systems, navigating the user through a series of well-defined, easy steps to understand and learn complex tasks.

Wiz logo
Wiz bubble logo
Wiz bubble logo - sub brands
Wiz communications campaign - targeted email
Wiz communications campaign - mobile app
Wiz communications campaign - digital signage
Wiz communications campaign - web banners