Zoom is Liberty Global’s annual online employee survey. It’s completely confidential and presents a unique opportunity for the company’s 35,OOO employees to share their views on the organisation. The brief was to create an engaging global communications campaign that would encourage employees to participate in the survey. The solution needed to be inclusive and relevant, translating easily across a broad cross section of cultures and territories. All the communications would need be branded and translated for each affiliate. The concept was simple - everyone has a voice but a single voice often falls on deaf ears. When everyone joins together as one united voice, others sit up and listen and take note. The ‘drop’ campaign consisted of four sets of visuals, showing people in different stages of coming together to form a speech bubble and the fourth ’thankyou’ visual, showing people in the shape of a ‘smiley‘.

Creative for print and digital media communications

Mobile device direct response application

email direct response application

Digital signage