I was commissioned by Abramis to illustrate the cover of their forthcoming book, ‘Brexit, Trump and the Media’. I wanted to create an aura of nostalgia, the sensation of a time and place when Britain was great. Those soft focus, halcyon days that live in the memory but never existed, when change never happened, the good old days. Brexit is represented by an isolated island fortress, standing alone against the rising tide, steadfast against the might of the foreign invader – the Dunkirk spirit! But it’s all a delusion tinged with a sense of the inevitable. Britain’s island fortress is built with sand, easily washed away when swamped by the incoming tide. Potential disaster lies all around as the EU floats serenely away into the distance, making what appears to be a fortunate exit stage left. However, all balloons eventually come down to earth with a bump. And then there’s the elephant in the room, represented by a performing elephant, balancing precariously on top of a beach ball (the elephant is the symbol of the US Republican Party).